How to Win at Budgeting: A Guide That Doesn’t Involve Numbers!


One thing that really annoys me  about the finance industry is everyone is dishing out the same stock standard advice when it comes to personal finance. And the thing is that as humans we’re not all the same.

We’re not all going to be able to follow that same restrictive budget. We’re not all going to be able to simply cut out those expenses, invest more or do whatever that standard crap is that you hear all the time.

You know the type of advice I’m talking about? Cut out the lattes, go on budget holidays, be more conservative, stay in, don’t go out. That is rubbish. Sure, mathematically that makes sense.

But as humans, we’re not programmed mathematically. In fact, most of the guys in the finance industry, the accountants and financial planners, they’re programmed mathematically.

They think logically and structurally, so that’s why they dish out that standard non-realistic advice.

But what I’m going to tell you is a lot different. What I talk about includes that emotional part of investing and that emotional side of managing money.

We’re going to be talking about kicking arse with your budget. Understanding what attracts you emotionally and what impacts you emotionally when budgeting.

So the three categories that we’re going to talk about.


Category One K.U.K.

If you fit into this category it’s called Keeping Up with the Kardashians. That’s where you want an epic lifestyle. You want the cars, you want the house, you want the clothes.

You want to almost live like a frigging rock star. If you do fall into this category, I’d be sitting down and I’d be thinking, “Why do I want those things? What impact and what value is that having to my life?

And, you know, what can I do to maybe minimize that? Am I filling a void in there?”

Maybe write down a list of all the things that you’re grateful for. Then all of a sudden those other possessions may not be so important. But if you do all that and you’re still attracted to that stuff, that’s awesome.

It just means that you need a massive income to be able to live that lifestyle and to also build wealth.


Category Two Soul Feeder

This is where I find that a lot