Being A Value Investor Means You Can Out-Perform The Market Over The Long Term

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    Value investing gives you a structured approach to finding the real value of a company
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    Apply a process that has been successfully used for 100 years
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    ​Ignore the hype from the media and learn how to analyze a company on your own terms whilst building a life long skill

Hi, I'm Phil, Head Coach At Cheeky Investor And  I Have Spent The Past 12 Years Studying And Implementing The Strategies Behind Value Investing.

What Does Becoming A Value Investor Mean For You? 

For everyone, it's different 

For some of you, it's about having a clear strategy to building a 7 figure stock portfolio

For others, you are looking to  build a substantial asset for retirement, whatever age that may be.

And for the rest of you, it's about building a life long skill that you can apply at any moment to make money from the market!

A few things that all value investors have in common are

We are not looking to just make passive income from the market. It's about creating a life legacy sized portfolio.

We leave the speculating and guess work to amateurs and gamblers

We buy great companies at a fair price 

If This Sounds Like The Way You Want To Invest, Then I Invite You To Join Our Value Investing Program

Based On The Benjamin Graham And Warren Buffett Approach To Investing Capital, We  Show You How To

Value A Company Based On Assets 

Correctly Read Company Financial Statements In Minutes 

Understand And Calculate Intrinsic Value  

Forecast The Future Growing Power of Earnings

Predict The Stock Price of A Company For The Next 1-10 Years

Find Businesses That Have A Major Competitive Advantage

Apply The Hugely Popular Discounted Cash-Flow Analysis To Any Stock

Apply Financial Ratios To Identify Great Companies 

Build Your Own Investment Search Criteria

Our Burger and Coke Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Burger and Coke-Guarantee! I want to make this your best investment to date. So, do the program, implement it, and if you don't love it and it doesn't work for you, I'll give you your money back plus a burger and coke from me! 

ROI Guaranteed! 

Join Our Exclusive Value Investing Program For $497

This is designed to RAPIDLY TRANSFORM your investing approach and get you to IMPLEMENT the value investing model as soon as you possibly can!

After all, nobody needs more INFORMATION. You need more IMPLEMENTATION.

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What People Are Saying About Cheeky Investor

“Huge shout-out to Phil and the Cheeky Investor course! It’s made putting a personal wealth plan into action so easy thanks to the simple, effective way that the course is communicated. I’ve learned a tonne with the weekly emails, and the format doesn’t overwhelm you with big technical words and it really steps down to your level, to hit you right in the knowledge parts!. Highly recommend doing yourself a favor and get on board!"

Brodie Herden 

“I feel the need to share my little win, mainly thanks to your advice.

Last year I paid all of my debt off and in 3 years, with current projections I will be able to afford a house solo.

Next step is looking further into investing, there are regulations in my industry on investing but with your support and advice I’m positive I can create a good passive income. Thanks Phil! It’s great being Cheeky

Linda Smith 

“I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to Phil for all the great info’ he’s passed on to me, through just the beginning of his course

Phil has not only reminded me of financial systems I was once aware of and had forgotten, but he’s opened my eyes to ideas and concepts of not only wealth building, but also some great ideas of long term happiness in general! If you are fortunate enough to take advantage of one of Phil’s courses, I do strongly recommend it

Pete Attwood 
Phil Usher 

Founder of Cheeky Investor

When I started investing, I thought I was doing all the right things. I'd invest in quality bluechip companies that were too big to fail!

But after losing 30% on one investment in a major bank, I lost faith in that approach.  So, I decided to speculate and look for high growth companies wanting a big pay day. The result was not great

After learning that success leaves clues, I went deep into Buffett's Value Investing Approach. Since then I have built my own 6 figure stock portfolio on this approach and now coach investors across the world.

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