The Private Investor Club



Blue Chip Valuation

Get a deep analysis of the top 20 Australian and top 20 US stocks. This will include book value, p/e ratio, expected growth rates + more

Stocks Under $10

We will scout the market and analyse the stocks trading under $10 that the top experts have their eye on

Small Cap Analysis 

Get the latest insights and stay in the know with coverage of small cap stocks with potential growth

Recent Upgrades and Buys

This is an FYI section. Our team will scout the upgrades and by recommendations from the biggest financial institutes in the game. 

Recent Downgrades and Sells

The same offering but keeping you up to date with the latest downgrades

Monthly Strategy 

Each month you'll gain access to a new investing or trading strategy to help you to become a better investOr

I Have A Portfolio Running At A 35% Return.

If anyone is thinking of serious investing and wealth gain, please look into Cheeky Investor. I have developed a passion for investing in shares and now have a diversified portfolio running at a 35% return

- Ben Sullivan

I Want to Invest But Don't Know Where To Start

The Private Investor Club Gives You Everything You Need To Take Investing Seriously

The Private Investor Club is designed for people who don't want to settle for a 7% return each year! It's for people that want to take ownership and not just follow the  standard advice of investing in a diversified ETF or index fund. 

Don't get me wrong, these can be great investments and have a place in a portfolio. But they shouldn't be the ONLY part of your portfolio. 

This membership is about providing you with the insights to be a better investor. It will also give you the training and education you need to be a successful investor in your own right. 

This isn't about giving you a recommended list of stocks to buy and sell or doing the thinking for you. That doesn't improve your wealth building skills in the long run.

Instead, it teaches you how to think, not what to think about investing in the stock market. An approeach that will allow you to build a wealth legacy.


What You Get  


My team and I provide monthy analysis valution and expected growth rates for 40 companies across two countries.


We scout the internet for the latest buy and sell recommendations from all the biggest financial companies giving you overall market sentiment. 


Every month you will get access to an investing strategty or course from my popular Stock Investing Masterclass

I've Learned A Tonne With The Emails And Simply Format

“Huge shout-out to Phil and the Cheeky Investor course! It’s made putting a personal wealth plan into action so easy thanks to the simple, effective way that the course is communicated. I’ve learned a tonne with the weekly emails, and the format doesn’t overwhelm you with big technical words and it really steps down to your level, to hit you right in the knowledge parts!. Highly recommend doing yourself a favor and get on board!"

-Brodie Herden

“I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to Phil for all the great info’ he’s passed on to me, through just the beginning of his course

Phil has not only reminded me of financial systems I was once aware of and had forgotten, but he’s opened my eyes to ideas and concepts of not only wealth building, but also some great ideas of long term happiness in general! If you are fortunate enough to take advantage of one of Phil’s courses, I do strongly recommend it"

-Pete Attwood

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Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Monthly analysis of 40+ stocks
  • On Demand Training Portal
  • Over 6 months worth of stock analysis
  • Monthly strategies and education
  • Downloadable PDFs + Videos

All these now for


   $25 pm

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Our Burger And Coke Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Burger and Coke-Guarantee! I want to make this your best investment to date. So, do the program, implement it, and if you don't love it and it doesn't work for you, I'll give you your money back plus a burger and coke from me! 

ROI Guaranteed!