Value Investing

Learn the exact step by step process used by world class value investors like Warren Buffet to forecast the intrinsic value of a stock for the next 10 years

Growth Investing

Implement Phil's exact blueprint to identify up and coming growth stocks that are set to blow the market away with 20% plus returns! 

Day Trading 

Learn powerful day trading strategies that will allow you to predict the future stock price and make serious profits in any market

I Have A Portfolio Running At A 35% Return.

If anyone is thinking of serious investing and wealth gain, please look into Cheeky Investor. I have developed a passion for investing in shares and now have a diversified portfolio running at a 35% return

- Ben Sullivan

I Want to Invest But Don't Know Where To Start

The Masterclass Gives You Everything You Need To Take Investing Seriously

You've dabbled in the stock market and bought some shares in an ETF or in a few bluechip companies but you know there's a lot more to investing than simple trades. But where to start? Sure, there's lots of youtube videos available but each 'guru' has their own investing method so it's impossible to know which is the best investing method for you.

You may have even looked at taking some online training but again, almost all of the training available talks about a single investing method i.e. value investing/growth investing/REIT etc.

So the question is...where do you start? Are you supposed to choose the waay you want to invest up front? 

Absolutely Not!


Course Curriculum 

 Lesson 1: Getting Started With Stocks

  • How To Buy and Sell Shares
  • How Shares Work
  • Understanding Stock Market Sectors
  • Everyday Finance Terms You Need To Know
  • A Guide To Short Selling

Lesson 2: Strategies And Investment Choice

  • Asset Overview
  • Active vs Passive Investing
  • Exchange Traded and Index Funds
  • Managed Funds
  • Long Term investing Strategy
  • Strategy To Lock In Profits 
  • Bluechip Income  Strategy 
  • Investing In An IPO
  • Investing Like Buffett
  • Calculating The Future Stock Price

Lesson 3: Value Investing

  • How To Value A Stock
  • Calculating Book Value
  • Using Book Value Per Share
  • Price To Book Ratio
  • Key Financial Ratios 
  • Discounted Cash Flow Calculation and Application
  • Price To Earnings Ratio
  • Finding And Researching Company Data
  • Forecasting Earnings Per Share
  • Calculating Fair Value

Lesson 4: Growth Investing

  • Top Down Investing
  • Analyzing The Economy
  • Analyzing An Industry
  • Identifying Growth
  • Key Metrics 

Lesson 5: Day Trading

  • Goal Setting For Success
  • Risk Management
  • Calculating Probability 
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Overview of Technical Analysis
  • Finding Support And Resistance
  • Phil's Zig Zag Momentum Strategy 
  • Using Volume When Trading
  • Using Moving Averages For Profit
  • Fibonacci Analysis
  • Identifying Chart Patterns
  • Creating A Trading Plan

I've Learned A Tonne With The Emails And Simply Format

“Huge shout-out to Phil and the Cheeky Investor course! It’s made putting a personal wealth plan into action so easy thanks to the simple, effective way that the course is communicated. I’ve learned a tonne with the weekly emails, and the format doesn’t overwhelm you with big technical words and it really steps down to your level, to hit you right in the knowledge parts!. Highly recommend doing yourself a favor and get on board!"

-Brodie Herden

“I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to Phil for all the great info’ he’s passed on to me, through just the beginning of his course

Phil has not only reminded me of financial systems I was once aware of and had forgotten, but he’s opened my eyes to ideas and concepts of not only wealth building, but also some great ideas of long term happiness in general! If you are fortunate enough to take advantage of one of Phil’s courses, I do strongly recommend it"

-Pete Attwood


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