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I want you to be rich!

I’m Phil, Cheeky Investor is like my rockstar stage name. Like Axl Rose (Whose real name is William Bruce Rose Jnr).

I meant what I said, about wanting you to be rich. Why? I’ve asked thousands of people what they’d do if the had an abundant amount of money. Two of the most common answers are travel and give back.

Yeah sure everyone would have a splurge phase of the house and car but most people want to make an impact. Particularly millennials’. 

If there are more people travelling that means more people experiencing and enjoying other cultures. That means more cultural understanding and appreciation. And giving back means helping out other less fortunate which I’m all for!

There’s also a massive unfair playing field. The knowledge that the wealthy have that the rest of us don’t is insane! Some investments you can’t get involved with unless you have a net worth of $2m! It’s no surprise the rich get richer !


But this isn’t your standard finance/money blog. Unlike some of the other people out there who started a blog because they managed to pay down $20k in debt or worked out how to budget, I’m the real deal! 


Here’s why


I’m actually a qualified financial advisor. Yep, I’ve got the degree, diploma and even took on a few courses at the masters level. 

I worked in financial consulting role where my clients had a combined net worth in excess of $1bn. Yes, that’s with a B!

I’ve had an obsession with wealthy and successful people since I was 16. I‘ve immersed myself in books, seminars, audios. videos and workshops to find out what they do differently. I even run my own live events where we get together and learn about wealth in a casual environment. 


Me running one of my Whisky, Wine and Wealth events !


I take this three tier appr