What it means to be a cheeky investor

Let’s look at the definition of Cheeky. 

It refers to someone who is forward, slightly rude and a little self-indulgent. It may refer to someone speaking out of line or acting out of the social norm. 

This is a great way to describe a Cheeky Investor.

A Cheeky Investor is going to question the status quo of the finance world. They will speak out of line and question the social norm. When told, “Not to pick stocks because 96% of fund managers don’t beat the market” we ask, “well what about the 4% who do?

When everyone is panic buying from the fear of missing out, a Cheeky Investor respects their money and waits for a better time to get in.

We’re also self-indulgent because we are seeking to reach Financial Freedom through the stock market. But we aren’t greedy. Spending time doing what you want, when you want with you who want should be a way of life.

So, if you sound like a future Cheeky Investor, I invite you to draw a line in the sand today. It’s time to back yourself and start using the stock market to achieve your Financial Freedom.


Here’s the story of two Cheeky Investors who will help you to achieve Financial Freedom through the stock market

Meet Phil

Hey everyone, I’m Phil, Founder of Cheeky Investor. I started the business to share my mantra, To Live Life and Build Wealth. 

For me though, Financial Freedom isn’t about completely retiring  but rather having the choice not to work. I love my day job where I’m the CEO of a charity that runs financial education programs for Aboriginal communites across Australia.

But when I’m not working, it’s all about travel. Specifically, it’s about Italy as you may have guessed in this pic. Seeing the historic sites, over eating great food and people watching whilst having a drink is a pretty good way to spend time

By the age of 30, I had built a 6-Figure stock portfolio by backing myself and thinking differently. I’ve not only obtained qualificatations in business, but have dedicated 16 years to studying the secrets of the world’s wealthiest people.

My experience and deep knowledge of the ultra-wealthy is the basis of my success and know that it will be the foundation of yours

Meet Gareth