Let Me Be Your Trading Coach For 30 Days...And I'll Show You Everything You Need To Be A Winning Trader

WARNING: My Bootcamp Is powerful but only if you're committed to taking action.


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Is My Trading Bootcamp Right For You?

Do You Answer YES To All Of These Questions? 

  • Are you looking to generate a part time income? 
  • Do you want learn how to make money from anywhere in the world so you can do more of what you want, when you want? 
  • Do you want to start trading stocks and FX but are too overwhelmed to know where to start? 
  • Are you tired of seeing everyone else's trading success and feeling as though you are missing out? 

Before I invite you to my 30 day bootcamp I need you to know this is not for everyone

  • Yes, this will take committment from you 
  • Yes, there will be some study involved 
  • Yes, everyday for the next 30 days I will send you an email that requires your time and attention so you can learn from my expereince 
  • This is not a magic pill or get rich quick scheme where you will be taking Insta pics in your Lambo within 30 days


If you join today, we start today! 

I will send you daily emails in the form of either video, PDFs, pics or text to build your skills as quick as possible. I've designed the course to make it super easy for anyone to understand the essentials to becoming a successful trader without feeling overwhelmed. 



The 6 Phases To Becoming A Profitable Trader in 30 Days

Mastering The Foundations

Start with the right risk management and psychology to give yourself the best chance at success

Technical Analysis

Learn to predict future price movement with technical analysis 

Profitable Indicators

Apply popular indicators to get next level insights and find profitable trades

Intro To Patterns And Charting

Learn how to identify key trends and patterns on any chart 

Your Trading Action Plan

A 10 day action driven trading plan to get you started

Trading For Income

Master these skills and build a side income from trading the markets.

Here’s what students are saying

Ben Sullivan

Cheeky Investor Student

I Have A Portfolio Running At A 35% Return

If anyone is thinking of serious investing and wealth gain, please look into Cheeky Investor. I have developed a passion for investing in shares and now have a diversified portfolio running at a 35% return

Brodie Herden

Cheeky Investor Student

I've Learned A Tonne With The Emails And Simply Format

“Huge shout-out to Phil and the Cheeky Investor course! It’s made putting a personal wealth plan into action so easy thanks to the simple, effective way that the course is communicated. I’ve learned a tonne with the weekly emails, and the format doesn’t overwhelm you with big technical words and it really steps down to your level, to hit you right in the knowledge parts!. Highly recommend doing yourself a favor and get on board!"

Linda Smith

Cheeky Investor Student

Last year I paid all of my debt off and in 3 years, with current projections I will be able to afford a house solo.

I feel the need to share my little win, mainly thanks to your advice. Last year I paid all of my debt off and in 3 years, with current projections I will be able to afford a house solo.

Next step is looking further into investing, there are regulations in my industry on investing but with your support and advice I’m positive I can create a good passive income. Thanks Phil! It’s great being Cheeky

About Phil Usher, Your Trading Coach

When I first started trading, I had this incredible gift. I would pick a stock and it would go down. I wanted to prove to the market that I wasn't being emotional so I held for a few more weeks. 

After this time I would give up, sell the position and take a loss. Almost everytime, I would see the stock turnaround and sky rocket!

Determined to be successful I became a student of trading. I learnt from the best and spent a lot of money on books, courses and mentor programs. Some great but others not so much.

After doing this for 10 years, I have developed my own style where I take the best bits of everything and put it into practice. 

I'm now what you call a lifestyle trader. I start with a set amount build it up over the year and take it out to travel and enjoy life.

This, is what I teach my students to do.

BONUS 1: The Hugely Successful Personal Finance Mastery Course

Get lifetime access to the ultimate companion to The Bootcamp. Learn how to make the most from your own money before you start investing. This course covers all aspects of managing your money, giving you the best chance to build a financial future.

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BONUS 2: Three Profitable Trading Strategies

If you're ready to trade after the bootcamp then this bonus is a game changer. Discover three of the most successful trading strategies made for trading right now.

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BONUS 3: Full Support From Myself And My Team

This one is really special. If at any time you get stuck or need some advice just reach out to me and I guarantee either myself or someone in my highly trained team will be in touch in 24 hours.

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Here's A Rundown Of What You Get When You Accept My Invitation Today
  • The 30 Day Bootcamp Training With Phil                                               $197 Value
  • Access To The Personal Finance Mastery Training                                $199 Value 
  • Three Profitable Trading Strategies                                                          $137 Value
  • Full Support From Myself Or My Team                                                     Priceless

           TOTAL VALUE: $533+

Now this is the monetary value of the course and bonuses. What I can't show you is just how much value these courses can give you. Whether it's having the confidence to trade your first stock or  seeing your financial freedom grow and grow over time by trading, these courses will give you this and more.

Now most trading courses cost thousands of dollars. I don't like that. I think trading should be and can be for everyone. So all of the above is yours for an increadible $97

This is an increadible price for not only the courses but also the ability to tap into my years of trading experience.

I've Been In Your Position Before

But You Can Learn Faster And Avoid My Mistakes

My worst trade was about two months into my trading journey. I already had accumulated a 50% return on my account and thought that it was all too easy!

I wanted to go even faster and trade how I wanted. I placed a trade thinking it was a guranteed winner.

It wasn't. I started losing $10 a second! It may not sound like much but I was earning about $25 an hr in my day job at the time so it was a big deal.

I got out of that trade very quickly! I copped a $250 loss for my stupidity. 

A few hours later I checked to see how much I could have lost had a I not exited my trade. I was shocked when I had seen it turn around and I would have made in excess of $500!

It's thes types of mistakes that I want my students to avoid. In this bootcamp you access 10 years worth of knowledge so you can be achieve success far quicker than I did.

Our Burger And Coke Gurantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Burger and Coke-Guarantee! I want to make this your best investment to date. So, do the program, implement it, and if you don't love it and it doesn't work for you, I'll give you your money back plus extra money for a burger and coke from me! 

ROI Guaranteed!

Sometime You Just Have To Back Yourself 

Great advice I received from a personal mentor was "If nothing changes, nothing changes." Sometimes, you get presented with an opportunity and you need to back yourself