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    You scroll through your Facebook page and see more photos of your mates on holiday with their families. You work long hours in a job you don't like but still can't afford to take your family away. You can't even afford that new T.V. you've wanted for months. 
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    It seems like the more you work the less you earn per hour. You desperately want to treat yourself and your family to nice holidays, events and activities but don't know how to get the money.
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    You've seen the Facebook ads online where a young guy in a porche tells you how they earn 6 figures a month but they always look too flashy to be real. Is investing the way to give you and your family those special treats and experiences?

What If We Taught You The Exact Steps To Make Money By Investing?

Did you know that, with the right training, you can earn a steady income from investing. We won't lie and say you'll earn a 6 figure salary overnight but once you understand the principles of investing, you can repeatadly grow your income with very little effort. Infact, most of our students keep their jobs (if they want to) and earn enough money on the side to go on holidays multiple times a year or buy themselves whatever they want.

The key to success is EDUCATION. When it come to investing, the only tool you need is your brain. With the right education you can see consistent returns from your investment. At Cheeky Investor, we pride ourselves on our extensive and clear investor training.

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I gained lots of knowledge and understanding not only about the share market but about how people/yourself think about companies and their products. Truly worth the money! 10 really interesting days.

Nathan Hawkes

/10 Day Rookie Investor


I’ve done quite a bit of study regarding investing and the Rookie Challenge has helped me overcome my trepidation about entering the stock market. Simplifying and at the same time challenging me to action. The rookie challenge is a great investment in myself and I look forward to continuing on.

Dean Little
/ 10 Day Rookie Investor


Loved the 10 day challenge put out by Cheeky Investor. Everyone there is in the same boat, which creates this high energy and fast paced environment in which to learn from. Cheeky investor has laid out a well structured information packed challenge. It mixes a little bit of mindset with some core fundamentals of investing in the stock market. Phil is there the whole way through to provide feedback on the daily tasks. By the end of it you will of placed an order on some shares following content that you have learnt. Highly recommend others to take up the challenge.

Johnny Ballantine
10 Day Rookie Investor

Is Investing The Best Way To Generate Wealth?

We know that if you're looking to make a side income there are no shortage of ideas online. Everything from drop shipping to property investment to micro jobs sites are all wanting to get your attention. In our view, stock investing beats all other ways to generate a side income for the following reasons:

  • You only need a small amount of money to start investing
  • You don't need to spend money on software or tools, you just need your phone and a free app
  • If you are investing in the way we teach, you only need a small amount of spare time
  • Through re-investing your gains (compounding) you can consistently grow your wealth
  • Your money can be easily withdrawn and used elsewhere if necessary
  • These are some of the reasons we think that stock investing is the best way to generate a side income. To be a successful investor doesn't require you to build websites or test Facebook ads or create blogs every day. All you need is an understanding of how to assess the value of campanies and you're ready to start!

    "I don't have time to learn and I need money now"

    We hear this all the time. People that don't have time or money. We are all about no BS advice so here comes the truth. Most people have either time or money, you trade one for the other i.e. you use your time working to make money. If you have no money then you need to use your time to make money and the best way to do that is with education. If you choose to not use your tie or money then you will stay broke.

    Investing Is All About Increasing Your Gains And Reducing Your Losses

    If you've thought about getting into stock investing I'm sure you have been worried about losing all your money if your stocks drop in value. It's true that there are risks with stock investing. Like every business opportunity or wealth generating practice there is a risk that you can lose money instead of making it. Stock prices will always go up and down, its the natural cycle of stocks.

    There are however things you can do to make sure that your don't lose everything if the stock prices loses its value. These are a combination of tools and systems that mean you can quickly pull your money from the stock if the price goes too low.

    Making money is all about risk so don't let risk stop you from trying. This quote from Mark Zuckerberg best sums this up:

    "The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."

    Why Stock Investing Works For So Many People

    You will have heard of Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban? Both of these guys are legendary investors and are incredibly wealthy from investing. What you don't know is the 10's of thousands of normal people who are also making a lot of money from stock investing. You see, investing is so great because anyone can do it if they have an internet connection. Here are a couple of the things we love about stock investing:

    • You don't need a lot of money to start - Unlike other side hustles, stock investing needs as little as $50 to get started. We recommend starting with more than that but you don't have to.
    • You can decide how much time to spend investing - Once you have set up your trading app all you have to do is spend a little bit of time researching stocks and then a few minutes placing your trade. It's really that simple.
    • You have so much flexibility in investing - Investing covers a huge range of different strategies and techniques, that's the fun part about it. You can look for dividend stocks or real estate investment trust stocks, day trade or long term invest. With so many options you won't be bored doing the same thing over and over again.

    Become An Investor With Our 10 Day Challenge And Get Two Hand Picked Bonuses

    Instead of talking about the riches you can get from investing, I want to tell you the benefits you can get from earning a side income. Wouldn't it be so good to be able to holiday a few times a year while also indulging your family once in a while with a special event.

    Or, wouldn't it be awesome if you could build a stock portfolio that allowed you to retire before hitting your 60s?

    We want to help people to be able to enjoy these benefits and really believe that stock investing is the best way to do this. So...we have created a fool-proof 10 day challenge called the 10 Day Investor Challenge.

    Sign Up To The Challenge For Only $27 And Get Two Increadible Bonuses.

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    Why Should I Try The 10 Day Investor Challenge?

    This challenge is designed for anyone that has the drive and desire to improve their life. We have custom created a program that will take anyone from scratch to full investor in only 10 days. Step by step lessons will give you the knowledge and confidence to make your first trade without fear of losing all your money.

    This challenge will definitely test you but, by the end, your knowledge of the stock market will have sky rocketed!

    Without any more fuss here it is...

    Introducing: The Rookie Investor Challenge

    The challenge is on! 10 days, 10 emails, a heap of learning and a fully fledged investor by the end. It's that simple right? Well not exactly. Work will be required on your end but if you have wanted to try investing but didn't know where to start then this is the challenge for you. In addition to daily emails and video training you will become a part of a Facebook group where you can share and celebrate wins with other Rookie Investors!

    We guarantee you will go from scratch to full investor in 10 days...or your money back!

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      Get all the teaching you need to succeed as an investor including what to look out for in companies and how to place a trade.
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      Study in the comfort of your home making it super easy to learn and develop your skills.
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      Become an investor or get your money back We know our training works so will happily give you your money back if you aren't able to invest at the end of the 10 day period.

    ...And these increadible Bonuses for free!

    We don't just deliver the ultimate rookie investor training we deliver more because you deserve more! if you sign up to the Rookie Investor 10 Day Challenge you will also get two unique and exclusive bonuses to help you improve your investing skills even more. 


    Don't be fooled by the title, this most definitely isn't a little playbook. This is the ultimate resource for people who are starting their investing journey. This book will change your view of investing by explaining all of the technical jargon you need to know to succeed as well as giving you winning investing strategies. We have never released this book before so this is a rare opportunity to massively build your investing knowledge.

    Bonus 2: 15 Rules For Stock Investing (Value $25)

    Learn our 15 rules for investing used by the pros to generate consistent returns. This is a bible for anyone that wants to invest like the masters. It's also the perfect book to have with you while you complete the 10 Day Rookie Investor Challenge.

    What People Are Saying About Cheeky Investor

    It’s made putting a personal wealth plan into action so easy"

    Huge shout-out to Phil and the Cheeky Investor course! It’s made putting a personal wealth plan into action so easy thanks to the simple, effective way that the course is communicated. I’ve learned a tonne with the weekly emails, and the format doesn’t overwhelm you with big technical words and it really steps down to your level, to hit you right in the knowledge parts!

    Highly recommend doing yourself a favor and get on board!"


    “I do strongly recommend it!"

    I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to Phil for all the great info’ he’s passed on to me, through just the beginning of his course Phil has not only reminded me of financial systems I was once aware of and had forgotten, but he’s opened my eyes to ideas and concepts of not only wealth building, but also some great ideas of long term happiness in general!

    If you are fortunate enough to take advantage of one of Phil’s courses, I do strongly recommend it!"


    “Thanks Phil! It’s great being Cheeky"

    I feel the need to share my little win, mainly thanks to your advice. Last year I paid all of my debt off and in 3 years, with current projections I will be able to afford a house solo. Next step is looking further into investing, there are regulations in my industry on investing but with your support and advice I’m positive I can create a good passive income

    Thanks Phil! It’s great being Cheeky"


    Join the 10 Day Rookie Investor Challenge Now. Next Enrollment is 12 August 2019!

    Join this incredible program for just $27 and get all of the bonuses!

    That's right, for the price of a good book you can learn how to generate a side income consistently with little effort. Now that's a bargain!

    Phil Usher

    Head Coach of The Rookie Investor Challenge

    About the Author

    Phil started teaching himself the art of investing in his late teens. After 16 years and many successful investments later, Phil felt it was time to give something back to other rookie investors who are starting their journey. 

    If it's long term investing, day trading, dividend investing or equity funds, Phil has experience in it all and has quite a few success stories along the way.

    Additionally, Phil is a former financial adviser and worked as a finance consultant to over 2,000 customers! 

    Now Phil is looking to help starters become successful investors and build their own wealth!

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