Rookie Investing Course

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Ready To Back Yourself?


Ben Sullivan - Cheeky Investor Student

I have personally gained a wealth of knowledge and confidence in investing since starting the course. I have developed a passion for investing in shares and now have a diversified portfolio running at a 35% return!


Gee Taggar - Cheeky Investor Student

I signed up for your programme few months ago and as an already experienced banker I can honestly say that your program is very good and to the point. I really like your approach towards finance in general and look forward to the next few months with you on this program.

Johnny Ballantine - Cheeky Investor Student

I think the  program is great for any people having doubts. Phil’s passion and dedication to help educate people comes across through easy to read modules and videos. It teaches you how to think, as well as giving you ideas/tools to implement in order to add value to your life and create wealth.

Here's What's Inside Your Free Course

Lesson 1 A Powerful Investing Tool

In this lesson we look at the one investing tool that all millionaire investors agree on. It’s a critical element that will form the basis of a successful portfolio.

Lesson 2 Understanding Stocks

Understand the fundamentals of stocks and what it means t own one. You’ll also learn that you buy and sell stocks from other investors, not the company itself.

Lesson 3 What Makes A Stock Change Price?

Learn the 5 key reasons that will make a stock change price. When you know these areas you will be able to take advantage of opportunities or or avoid disasters.

Lesson 4 Understanding Dividends

Here you will learn what dividends are and how they can change the way you invest. We’ll also explore an effective but little known dividend investing strategy.

Lesson 5 Ways To Buy Stocks

Yes, there is more then one way to buy a stock.  We the option of giving it to a fund manager to invest on your behalf vs backing yourself and making your own calls.

Lesson 6 Asset Allocation

It’s a common term used in the finance world and one that you need to have a grasp on. This will give you an overview on how all assets have performed over the past 30 years.

Lesson 7 How To Build A Stock Portfolio

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Lesson 8 Fundamental and Technical Analysis

To become a 6 figure stock investor, you need to be familiar with these two concepts. Both forms can be powerful tools when predicting the future of a stock, or indeed, the entire market.

Lesson 9 The Bluechip Investment Strategy That Can Beat The Market

This is a simple yet super powerful investment strategy. It’s what Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs use for their wealthiest clients.