Unlocking the Secrets of the World’s Best Traders (Premium E-BOOK)


  • The Psychology of a Pro trader
  • Risk Management
  • Learning Technical Analysis
  • Analyzing Chart Patterns
  • A  Mathematical Approach
  • Reversal Indicators
  • Create a Trading Plan

Product Description


How To Successfully Trade The Stock And Foreign Exchange Markets To Build Your Portfolio
PLUS Increase Your Wealth, Knowledge, And Confidence!

Learn the strategies the best traders in the world use without paying a fortune!

What is the number one asset a trader must have?

Risk Management!

The truth about trading is that even the best in the world are only right 50% of the time. So your ability to maximize your winners and minimize your loses is the absolute key to success.

Why people like trading? Most people trade to build a better life. Some love the challenge and want to prove to others that they are more capable than people know. Others simply have the desire to succeed.


My name is Phil Usher and. If that sounds familiar, it sounds like you are in the right place.

This eBook isn’t reinventing the wheel. It’s what I have used in my experience in trading. I am a self-taught trader and to be completely honest you could spend a few weeks on Google and get most of the info for free. But if you want a blueprint with all the info in one place AND want to save time, then this is for you.

About me

I first started trading shares in 2004 at the age of 17. His early leanings about the stock market began when he finished in the top 10 for the ASX trading game for schools. This was my first taste for trading which he fell in love with immediately. However like most uni students I was tight for cash during his studies and didn’t begin trading again until 2011.  I used my newly gained tertiary knowledge in economics and previous trading experience and started trading the foreign exchange markets. First hand experience was gained in the markets as I traded over $200,000 in currency contracts in 12 months. My greatest success was backing the Aussie dollar to parity against the US dollar (although even Phil couldn’t predict it reaching $1.10!)

After the markets started to recover from the GFC and European debt crisis I turned my attention back to trading stocks. This time I had technical experience from trading foreign exchange, tertiary qualifications from uni but now I had studied the world best investors. By mixing these three elements some of the best predictions were backing Billabong from $0.14 to $0.64, Yellow Brick Road from $0.32 to $0.72 and QANTAS from $1.12 to to $3.50.

Do not buy this if you just want income. This is about building a portfolio. Buy a property or Bluechip shares if you want income!

Trading for income – There is a lot of content out there that claims you can trade to replace your income.  Let me clear up a few things for you first. Every trader and fund manager in the world is paid a base salary. This salary is generally funded by the management fees that they charge the investor. Bonuses are paid when the trader or firm hits a certain level of return. Note, that the best traders in the world have a basic income that has nothing to do with their trading performance. This is explained in more detail in the book.


If You Are Wanting To Become A Better Investor Or Learn How To Trade With Minimal Risk This eBook Will Meet Your Needs!




tickThe Psychology of a Pro trader

tickRisk Management

tickLearning Technical Analysis

tickAnalyzing Chart Patterns

tickA  Mathematical Approach

tickReversal Indicators

tickCreate a Trading Plan










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