How to Improve Your Budget in Two Simple Steps

Everyone gets in a bit of a rut from time to time, and they’re looking at their finances, and they’re looking at ways to improve.


What most people don’t realize is that it comes down to two simple things. You don’t need to worry about all these complicated systems and seven steps programs that promote a budget quick fix. It really comes down to just two things.


The first aspect is income. Do you want to improve your budget? Improve your income! Get another job, get a pay raise, get additional forms of income. If you’ve got a budget deficit at the moment, increase your income and that’s going to provide a much better result.


The second aspect is to decrease your expenses. And  I’m not necessarily talking about cutting out all the luxuries that you have in your life, but being a bit smarter about some of the things that you do pay for.


So I’m talking about phone bills. Ring up your phone company and see if you can negotiate a much better rate on your internet bill, on your home phone, on your mobile phone. Do that with your credit cards. See if you can get rid of that annual fee, see if you can do a transfer of balance, so you’re paying less interest.


Go in with the mentality that all of your expenses are negotiable. This will add up. Even if it’s just an additional $100 per month, this could be used to pay down debt or boost your investing.


I believe that there are some quick wins for everyone. A simple phone call can put you in front. And as for income, search the online world where there are endless opportunities to get more cash!  


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