How to Dress Like a Boss

Climbing to the top is so much easier when you look the part. If you want to reach the pinnacle of success you have to dress like you belong there so here is how to suit up like a boss even if you’re just the work experience boy making coffee.


Even the most expensive suit will look like you bought it at KMart unless it fits properly. Buy the best quality suit you can, then spend a little extra to have it altered so it looks like it was tailored just for you. Keep it conservative if you’re working in the financial sector, opting for a slim fitting navy suit that will take you from work to dinner with ease. Swap the shirt and tie for a lightweight jumper and T-shirt if your workplace is more relaxed.

Fake it: Politix Boston Suit




Made it: Bespoke Suit from Oscar Hunt





Your shoes say as much about you as any other part of your outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing lace up brogues, loafers, or sneakers, your work shoes should always be in pristine condition. No frayed laces, no worn down heels, and no scuffs. Top tip: Scrubbing the white rubber parts of your sneakers with Jif and an old toothbrush every couple of wears will keep them looking like new.

Fake it: David Jones Leather Gibson


Made it: Lobb bespoke handmade shoes




Whether you’re a jewellery guy or not you should always wear a watch. There will be times when it’s just not on to slide your phone out to check the time and besides, watches are a stylish way of showing you know what you’re doing. Keep your fashion sunnies for the weekend and stick to the classics for workdays. Wooden frames are hot in 2016, or stick with a simple black or tortoiseshell frame.

Fake it: Schwood Cannon in Walnut






Made it: Finlay & Co Glenmorangie





Your barber should be your best friend because hair is your crowning glory. A low, tight haircut with a clearly defined part suits everyone regardless of their hair colour and type. Keep the length on the top for slicking down, and use the clippers for a fade around the back and sides for a sharp finish. Experiment with product until you find one that works with your hair type to hold it in place without looking sticky or greasy.

Facial waxing and threading for men is growing in popularity as guys realise bushy eyebrows and straggly beards are not a good look. If you wear a beard keep it clean and trimmed. You can’t beat an old fashioned razor for shaping and finishing it around your sideburns and jawline. Finally, remember your nose and ears, and finish your shave with a quality fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm.

Fake it: Remington XR1330AU Hyper Flex Lithium Powered Mens Rotary Shaver



Made it:

SpaQ Haircut and the Don Shave




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