Create A Bucket List And Live Life

There is a real cruelty that comes with life. That’s the fact that as human we crave both routine and novelty. When we go too far one way, we need to dramatically balance it back the other way.

Ever been busy every weekend for a month straight then feel relived when you have a weekend to do nothing? That’s what I’m talking about.

But after a while we start to crave something more. Something bigger than just an event. We want a memorable experience.

That’s where a bucket list come in. It allows you to create emotive goals that you want to achieve. When you identify an item on a bucket list that you commit to crossing off, your life picks up.

You have more energy, you have more focus because you have more purpose!

This is the same sort of experience when you have a holiday booked. You push through challenges knowing that you have that to focus on and look forward to.

There are a lot of people that will believe that a bucket list is related to dying. In fact it’s the opposite! It’s related to living! Don’t wait until a major scare happens in your life before you realise you have a lot to accomplish.

Start doing it now!

Here’s how to get it done

Give it time

The first 10 or so things that you come up with will most likely be travel related. Backpacking in Europe is one of the more popular options for a bucket list item.

Travel is good but you need to go beyond this. That’s why you allocate a few weeks to create a bucket list. Ensure you go deep with what you put on it.

Head over to to help you out.


Be Specific and Visualize

Like with most goal setting, the likelihood of success comes from being specific and visualizing them happening. An example may be becoming a New York Times bestseller.

After writing down this goal you can search the internet to see if there are any local writing courses. Or find out how to self-publish. Or better yet? Reach out to someone who has written a best seller and ask them for mentorship.

Most people believe that to be a best-selling author you need to be a great writer. That’s true to a certain extent. But actually, need to be great at sales. After all, it’s best selling author.


 Small Consistent Actions

Despite what the media love telling us, there is no such thing as an overnight success. You couldn’t go from where you are now to best selling author tomorrow or running an ultra-marathon next weekend.

Success comes from taking small consistent steps forward.

Ask yourself, what are the small consistent steps that I can take?

If your bucket list item is becoming a best selling author, then start with committing to write 500 words each day. After a month, bump it up to 750 words per day.

By committing to this approach for just two months, you will have written over 36,000 words!

If your goal is travel related, I recommend buying a coffee table book that is filled with your travel location. You will see this on a daily basis and even read it whilst having breakfast or your morning coffee.

This helps with the visualization and keeping it front of mind.


Accountability is key

Sharing your list with someone makes it real! Whether it’s your partner, sibling or friend, showing someone else your goals means this list is bigger than you.

Announce and share your list on social media. Have other people comment and interact. You will be surprised at how much insight you will get.

You could pick up the name of a personal trainer that specialises in altitude training to help with your climbing endeavors.

Update social media regularly or have someone touch base with you to track how you are progressing with your goals.


Make it a living document.

Your list will be dynamic and grow with you. As you inevitably cross items off the list, you will add new ones that you didn’t even think about when you first started.

When you return from backpacking across Europe you may have had an experience where you now want to open a business in your country that portrays your experience.

Sound crazy?

How do you think we got pizzeria’s and French Bakery’s here in the first place?

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