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“I was sick of the experts holding back the real ways to create wealth”


What if you could boost your incomeinvest in property, get in the market or build a side business without paying overs for advisor fees?

Hi, I’m Phil Usher. Cheeky Investor is like my rock star stage name. Just like Axl Rose (whose real name is William Bruce Rose Jnr). True story.  Some 14 years ago I started my financial education journey. I was very curious as to why some people in this world had an abundance of money, whilst others had very little. I grew up in the latter category and is what got me thinking about this whole ‘wealth and success’ thing. I’ve graduated from University with a business degree, have formal finance qualifications, studied the most successful people in the world and personally consulted to 2,000+ clients.


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I do things differently to most finance experts out there. For starters I love coffee! And travelling overseas and doing all the other things that our generation were told not to do. I just adjusted my income to make it happen. I don’t believe in changing people’s behaviours but instead working with them to reach success. 


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Who’s this program for?

This program is for those who have done all the things right in life. Good education, professional job but are still hungry for something more. You won’t settle for the same life for the next 40 years because you have higher expectations of yourself. You have a willingness to win and all winners find a way.


Who the program isn’t for

This program isn’t for anyone who wants a quick fix. It’s a 12 month commitment to education and implementation. It’s going to challenge what the current financial ‘experts’ tell you and show you how the wealthy people really do things. If people challenging the status quo put you off, then I encourage you to close this page now.



The 3 step process in this program

Revelation – Understanding the rules of the game that only a few are playing by. The average income in retirement is just $50,000 per year. And that’s drawing on capital as well as returns. And 50% of people don’t retire at 65, they go well beyond this. What the hell is the point of working for 40 odd years to retire on an entry level graduates wage? What if you could build various income streams to the amount of $50,000 per year and retire well before you are 65 years old? It’s this type of thinking that people aren’t exposed to. Very few finance experts are telling you to build your income. They tell you to cut your expenses and accumulate your money for when you’re older. I don’t know about you but this sounds just terrible.



Investing – What? and how? are the two most common questions I get when talking to people about investing. Most people know that investing leads to wealth but how to go about it is completely foreign. Even understanding the difference between an asset and an investment can be a challenge. Your car may be an asset but it’s not an investment. In fact it’s a depreciating asset that will continually cost you money. Buying a home is possibly in the same category. This program is one of a very few that actually provides education around multiple investment strategies. Most companies out there will focus on one type of investing. You may do a course on investing in property or trading shares. This program covers a wide range of investing strategies.



Mindset – This component of the program is huge and rarely talked about by traditional financial planners. It takes a certain level of belief and self-confidence to build wealth and success. There will be times where you question your ability, doubt your entire process and just want to curl up into a ball and give up. Knowing that this is completely normal and experienced by many successful people is comforting in itself. If the road to success was an easy one then everyone would take it. Implementing morning rituals and overcoming self-sabotage are other strategies for ensuring you stay on track.


Introducing the 12 Courses in the program

Boost Your Income

Understand that income is king!

The simple strategy you need to follow

25 ways to boost your income

Eliminating Your Mortgage

Avoiding mortgage stress

Pay off home loan in half the time

Strategies the banks don’t like to talk about

Using Debt for Wealth

Using debt as a vehicle to wealth

How the rich do it

The art of using other people’s money

Investing in Property (Capital Growth)

Know what impacts property prices

How to manufacture value

What will buyer pay more money for

Investing in Property (Positive Cash-Flow)

How to identify properties that are positive cash flow

A blueprint for building your portfolio

Getting to know the numbers behind the deal

Investing in Shares (Short term trading)

Reading charts like a trading champion

Identifying stocks that could yield results

Understanding risk and reward

Investing in Shares (Invest like a fund manager)

Knowing what companies to add to your portfolio

When to buy a certain stock

Buying undervalued stocks

Wealth in Super

Getting to know super

Understanding Self-Managed Super Funds

Develop a Wealthy Mindset

Eliminate things that are holding you back

Overcoming self-doubt

Understanding Your Why

Secrets of The Rich

What the majority of millionaires have in common

Finding mentors

Never re-invent the wheel

Launch Your Side Business

Profit from what you love

Choosing a business model

Passive income or business growth?

The Lazy Investor

Investing with minimal effort

Taking advantage of technology


Let’s get specific about everything The 3.6.5 Wealth Program includes:

  • 20+ hours of finely detailed course videos allowing you to go from ‘no idea’ to implementation. The course covers a number of different wealth building strategies you can implement. You can choose your favourite or master them all. It’s up to you.


  • 15 + videos — Access to our “Wealth Portal.” Have access to our videos so you can go back to watch and learn as many times as you want.


  • Access to our secret Facebook group. Join other members of the program to ask question, get support and share personal wins.


  • Access to our growing team of experts. Our experts are really that. They have      implemented and created great success in their chosen field. Everything from property experts, experts in trading, mortgage brokers, accountants financial planners and more! All available at your fingertips.


  • Winning strategies on how to build a property portfolio. How to identify growth suburbs and finance a purchase with none of your own money.


  • A step by step system on build a positive cash flow property portfolio. Build your asset base AND have it pay you a wage is the ultimate investment.


  • A blueprint on how to launch your own business. I have started, acquired and sold my own businesses in the past. I now work with a range of businesses as an advisor across Australia. I know what it takes to start a business and you will get first hand access to that know-how.


  • Learn the exact investment techniques of the world’s best fund managers. How to identify stocks that will go up so you can build your own portfolio.


  • Winning psychology. Most wealthy and successful people will tell you that the road they took was 80% psychology and 20% process. How to overcome your self-doubt and fear of success are paramount to this course

Oh, and just one other thing


I want to show you exactly how you can use my step-by-step program to build wealth and success. Whether you want to build enough to retire younger than most or have enough to live more comfortably this program will help you get there!
But you DO need to act today.
The 3.6.5 Wealth  Program closes Sunday October 1st at 11:59pm.




30 Day 110% Money Back Guarantee.


Being in the wealth building and success business we know that time is your most valuable asset. So if for any reason this program isn’t for you, we’ll refund your purchase price + 10% for your time and effort to do so!





If you skipped to the bottom of the page (like I usually do) just to see the price then here it is. Basically you get some pretty awesome content for the next 12 months in the form of video, audio, email + more! 




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Request in writing to must be sent within the 30 days of course starting.